timesofindia.com: «AfD bats for `integration of Islam‘ in German society»

timesofindia.com vom 02.05.2016

«The Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) has put “integration of Islam“ in German society on its political agenda, setting the tone for what will be a contentious debate as the country grapples with social polarisation, postrefugee crisis. Coming out with its first manifesto since its inception in 2013, the rightwing outfit has spelt out what it stands for -a shrunk Euro zone, tightened European borders. It has also sought the Switzerland model of “direct democracy“ through referendums. But what is sure to dominate the discourse is its push for a “European“ Islam, divorced from the Arabic world.»

By Subodh Ghildiyal

Marc Jongen dazu: „The Times of India“, die größte indische Tageszeitung, interessiert sich für die AfD, besonders für unsere Islam-Politik. Mit dem Journalisten hatte ich am Stuttgarter Parteitag gesprochen.

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