«Does the Far Right Have a Place at Academic Conferences?»

„The latest fight about campus speech is playing out among people who normally agree on most things. The Hannah Arendt Center, at Bard College, held its annual conference earlier this month, convened under the heading “Crises of Democracy: Thinking in Dark Times.” The event featured more than twenty speakers, ranging from the Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White, on the left, to the German parliament member Marc Jongen, on the right. (I was also a speaker.) Jongen’s appearance at the conference has sparked a bitter dispute among Arendtians and some other prominent academics—a dispute more interesting, if not necessarily more nuanced, than other recent conflicts between far-right proponents of “free speech” and those who oppose their presence at colleges and universities.“

By Masha Gessen

Marc Jongen dazu: Die Debatte in den USA, wer wo seine Meinung kundtun darf (v.a. „Linksliberale“) und wer nicht („Rechtspopulisten“!) geht im NEW YORKER weiter. Außerdem hier ein Blog-Schreiber, der vom angeblichen „Faschismus“ der AfD fantasiert und auf die Autorin im New Yorker Bezug nimmt:

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